8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10

Popular song list.

Game modes are all very similar.

Audition is a lot like the ever-popular game for dancing called Dance Dance Revolution where players press the directional arrow keys to follow directions being shown on the screen. The game is pre-loaded with a great song list full of popular songs and a couple different game modes as well.

Due to the genre of the game you won’t find actual character classes here. Instead you will battle to win points that are used to buy new clothing and accessories to dress up your character. Unfortunately, most of the best items in Audition’s store must be purchased using real cash, but there are many game modes and a song list that will keep you jamming and entertained!


With Audition you can become a dancer who possesses dazzling moves to fascinate your fans. This online dancing game features several game features and graphics that are truly breathtaking. Better yet you can compete with friends in various modes to compete towards being named the greatest dancer on the stage. You simply play using the directional arrows and spacebar on your keyboard while enjoying splendid choreographic moves and dance steps.


You are allowed to join an existent room or create an entirely new room. The basic gameplay is focused around pressing arrows that are shown on the screen or pressing the spacebar or control key on the 4th beat of a song.

Fashion Shop

The game Audition also features a shop for items where customers can modify the appearance of their avatar. You can choose from lots of shirts, shoes, pants, hairstyles, faces, and other miscellaneous items. Additionally, the game features an in-game reward system that is called Dens, or Beats in the version of the game made for America. In each game where you compete against other players, a Beat, or Den reward is given when the song is over so long as you attain a higher rank than the miss on a specific number of bars. You can then redeem Beats/Dens for accessories and clothes at the Fashion Shop.

Game Modes

The game modes in Audition include:

  • Practice Mode You can learn basic dance moves with friends or by yourself
  • Normal IndividualYou battle with anywhere from 1 up to 6 players. Each match allows you to compete in 4 various levels, freestyle, normal, freestyle 2, and the finishing move.
  • ChoreographyHere you will try to dance simultaneously with competitors and friends
  • Freestyle Battle This is where every round will feature random dance steps. You can use a group mode here that can be played in games of 2 versus 2, or 3 versus 3. You will take turns competing against opponents.
  • Sync-8Rather than moving in the traditional 4 ways, with this game mode you will be moving 8 ways total.
  • NPC Battle Mode With NPC there must be 5 players, but then you can challenge.

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Game Features

  • Over 20 various game types to pick from
  • Thousands of shoes, outfits, fashion accessories, and hairstyles to dress your character up. You will want to make sure you look the hottest on the dance floor
  • The game is frequently updated every couple days to add new music, content, clothing, and dance steps to help Audition remain fresh.
  • Stay connected with old and new friends from all over the world as you use the game’s instant messenger that is built-in.

Audition is free to play.

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