Big Little Bang

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Interesting game concept.

Very little in-game guidance.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

BigLittleBang or now known as Star 86, was made for those of you who want to create with music and have fun, despite having any musical background. In BigLittleBang you can use the site to customize your own avatar, make music with other people and explore planets! You will have fun with this game as you connect with existing friends and meet new ones through a large selection of social networking features like buddy lists, blogs, chat and newsfeeds.


BigLittleBang is a safe and fun virtual world where you will have a blast exploring music like it was space. If you wish to explore music creatively, then you will love BigLittleBang. The best thing is that you don’t even have to be musically inclined to have fun with this game. You will begin this game by creating an avatar which you will then use to create music and explore planets with the other players worldwide.


The virtual world features graphics based upon Unity3D’s engine, so the game is fun and easy to play for any aged person. This browser based game is great for allowing you to embark upon musical adventures throughout the universe as you explore the virtual land and play with other players from around the world. You will see that one of the most unique things about this game is that the home you can decorate with furniture and other decorations is actually inside of a spaceship! When you begin the game you will be able to choose one of 5 “dubbles”, or in-game characters, that you can then customize. You will find that each of the several plants is unique and features its own game. BigLittleBang’s gameplay focuses on you travelling from one planet to another as you take part in games all over the world.

The Planets

You will find that the more games you play, the more coins you will earn. As you explore the virtual world, earning coins, you will find that the Boppa Planet is orange and the place to play hide and seek. In fact, once you happen upon the radar, then you will become the seeker as the rest of the players hide. You can use camouflage to hide and make yourself harder to locate.


Another planet is called Danger Zombies. On this planet, the whole goal is to outrun the zombies who inhabit the planet. This game is timed and you must reach the trophy without being touched by the zombies. The food planet allows you to turn yourself into Foodzilla. As Foodzilla, you must stop other players from reaching the trophy. Much the same as the Food Planet, the Haunted Planet is nearly the same albeit with a different theme.

On the Haunted Planet you do not run from food monsters, instead you will run from werewolves with the goal of reaching the trophy. Volcano Planet is the place you must beware of the lava; this means that as you walk on this planet you must be careful.


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In the end, this browser based MMORPG is a unique and entertaining game that will allow you to connect with your musical side and explore space. You will have fun engaging in the mini-games inside BigLittleBang where you will have lots of opportunities to earn trophies and coins.

You can use your coins to purchase customization items for your spaceship home or clothing accessories for your avatar, and much more. Don’t miss out on tapping into your musical talent and travelling through wormholes from planet to planet, so check out BigLittleBang today!

BigLittleBang is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.


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