Bin Weevils

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

The weevils are all goofy, humorous, cute and easy to like.

Reliance on buying things to make people happy.

Bin Weevils is an online world that is ever-changing and fun. Here you are able to engage in fun activities such as create your very own pet Bin Weevil, decorate your home and garden explore the world, play online games with friends or even solve missions, among others.


This free online virtual world features many fun activities for you to take part in. One of the best things is all the games you can play. Even better is that the games you play or puzzles you solve, the more Mulch (virtual currency) you will collect. You can use the Mulch to shop for furniture, gadgets, gizmos and other items for your home.

Just be sure to play regularly because your Bin Weevil needs to be kept happy, fed and fit. In the world you will also find a café that is a wonderful place to grab some chocolate cake with your close friends. If you choose, you can play the role of waiter and begin serving your friends.


If you want to engage in outdoor activities you can buy seeds from the garden shop to plant your very own garden. If you do so, you will be able to watch your bling mushrooms and marshmallow plants grow beautifully. Once they are in bloom, you can invite your friends over to show off your hard work.


You begin as a new member by creating and customizing your own boll weevil-like cartoon character that will represent your online personality. After you have created the avatar, it will enter the virtual world, or “bin” where you will begin an adventure filled with solving puzzles, meeting other weevils and playing games online. After you successfully complete a game with your weevil, it can progress on to the next level. The levels become difficult as you progress, but the more levels you pass, the more Mulch you will earn. Once you earn enough Mulch, you can upgrade your membership.


Just be sure to keep your weevil in great condition or it will begin moving very slow. Keeping your character fed, fit and healthy is done by feeding, exercising and buying it upgrades to make it move faster.

A Bin Weevils membership allows you to become a Bin Tycoon. Once you achieve this, you are given access to every premium feature. These features include: upgrading your home, owning a pet, accessing Tycoon Plaza and Tycoon Island, creating an online magazine, buying funky accessories and buying your own nightclub. Earning Mulch will help you buy merchandise from the virtual store. As a member you can get Mulch by using real cash to buy it, or you can earn it free by solving puzzles and playing games.


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Members can safely chat with other members through the use of pre-set phrases and words. Just beware that moderators watch over your every move and every member’s behavior is documented. The game has a ban system that eventually leads to players being expelled.

Best Features

Possibly the best thing about Bin Weevils is the appeal and design of the site itself. Though the site may seem, at first, kind of childish, it will quickly grow on you. The weevils are actually humorous, cute, goofy and very easy to like. Here you will find an atmosphere that is easy going and interactive. You will love that most of the puzzles require a fair deal of logic to solve, while the environment is safe and secure for players of all ages.

Bin Weevils is free to play.

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