Clay Piggy

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Teaches kids financial literacy.

The game is still in beta.

This game is perfect for the tween in your life. With this fun money management game allows kids to experience fun with learning. They will benefit from the concepts of earning money, saving money, as well as investing and giving.

You will love the teaching aspects of this game as well as the enjoyment of the game play. Clay Piggy brings the basic financial concepts to life with some pretty awesome yet wacky looking avatars that will bring excitement to your day. This online virtual world offers you the ability to find a job and then manage your finances as you learn all the ins and outs of credit and debit cards. Clay Piggy also brings credit scoring in to play and challenges you with managing multiple banking accounts.


You will be given a cool avatar to live your life throughout the game play. Your avatar will work, will spend, and will manage everything about his or her life. So choose the avatar that represents your style the most and get started looking for your dream job. You will have to work for your money so that you can then spend, save, invest or give to whoever or whatever you feel is right.

Clay Piggy brings real life in to virtual action as you will see many aspects of real job duties brought into these virtual careers. Say you take a job at the toy factor, after all what tween wouldn’t want to work with an unlimited supply of toys? You will see that you will definitely have to complete tasks that go with that line of work.


If you work at the toy factory, you will be required to inspect toys for quality. Since this is a game, to inspect you will need to complete a puzzle like pattern corresponding with the pictures given in order to order more toys to earn your income. This game will help teach you good work ethic, excellent money management skills, as well as financial discipline with personal responsibility.

There are multiple jobs you can choose from to earn your money. You will get a paycheck just like you would if you were working in the real world.


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Once you get your paycheck make sure to save a little of your money so that you will have money if you find a time that you are in need of more, say you lose your job — how then are you supposed to pay your bills if you do not have some money on the side? You should make sure to spend your money wisely. Make sure to pay your bills and put some money into food expenses, and so forth. Making a budget for your spending may be something you will want to look into.

You are also given the ability to invest. Learn all about investing gin stocks, buying businesses, rental houses and other investment opportunities. Investing can offer you even more money in the long run. Clay Piggy also offers you chances to give. You can donate money or volunteer to help people in need. I highly recommend this game.

Clay Piggy is free to play.

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