Coco Girl

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Variety of clothing options that allows for a lot of customization.

Mini-games become repetitive quickly.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion Worlds.

If you like fashion, Coco Girl is a game that might interest you. In this Facebook game you can design different outfits and rate fashion outfits to learn fashion tips as well as to earn points in the game so that you can shop at different stores in the game and then customize your Coco Girl.

Once you have earned enough money in the game you can buy a variety of different outfits that you can use to customize your in game avatar. The avatar will be shown to anyone who you are friends with over the network and you can share any of your new outfits with your friends.

When you play the game part of the fun is completing challenges. A Ruby maker checklist are certain duties that you can go through they can help to earn you more money that you can spend on your Coco Girl. Some of the items that you can purchase for your Coco Girl include new makeup, new outfits and new accessories like jewelry. It’s amazing how good you can make your Coco girl look once you have done a few challenges.

In the game, your Coco Girl also gets a chance to do a number of very exciting fashion challenges. One day you might have to pick outfits for a new horror movie, or take out an outfit for someone to walk down the runway with. Knowing the fashion trends that are “hot” is what earns you the most money in Coco Girl.

The fashion wheel is a fun game that you may get to play with in Coco Girl. In the fashion wheel you will have to stop three Windows which are spinning on the fashion choice that looks the best. By stopping all three on the right choice and the outfit that best matches the model style, you can earn the most points and the most money which you can use to spend on your Coco Girl.

There are plenty of secrets in this game too. The hidden object game is fun to play and you will have to spot as many objects as you can on a list within a time limit. This is another way to earn money inside the game to spend on your Coco Girl.

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Another fun minigame is the love machine. Here you will have to play around with puzzle pieces to create a path between two people. Once you can link the two people together you will earn money and those two people will be able to go out on a date.

All of the looks that you create for your Coco Girl can also be voted on by the rest of the people in the game. Working to create the best fashions that you can could allow you to rank up the leaderboard’s online to become a fashion expert. Playing this game could get you a bit famous!

Coco Girl is a lot of fun if you are interested in fashion and enjoy playing games online. If you are interested in playing Coco Girl check for it online or look for it on Facebook.

Coco Girl is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion Worlds.


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