Disney City Girl

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to play, which makes it good for young players.

The game isn’t very challenging in any regard.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion Worlds.

Have you dreamt of leaving your humble home in the town to enter the world of the city? If yes, Disney City Girl is the right game for you. The game revolves around a girl who comes to New York City from her home in the town to explore the real world and the surprises it beholds.

The change is circumstances for the girl is enormous and she has a little trouble with adjustment but her friends help her out. These are friends from her hometown who left for the city before she did. They are in college presently and they help her explore the city and settle down comfortably.

Disney City Girl 11

Your job is to help the girl decorate her new home with the given options and then find suitable work. Right now you can either choose to be a fashion designer or a chef. Soon you will have more work options. Besides work, you can engage in socialization, shopping, and fun. You should keep an eye on the needs meter so that you don’t fall into the danger red zone.

You can play this game easily and staying busy is not difficult. Rest if you are tired and go to work when necessary. Socialize if you are lonely and take a long relaxing bath when you are exhausted and smelly. There is also a world of wardrobe options to choose from.

Disney City Girl 12

This Facebook social game is especially for those who love fashion and socializing. You will find the graphics very attractive and characters very likeable. They are usually very chatty. The game is simple and not really for older girls.

The game requires you to socialize. You need to socialize to do well in your career because you will advance only when your friends recommend you.

Disney City Girl 5

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Even for the construction of furniture at your home, you will need to depend on your friends for tools.

Calling all the fashion fanatics and socialization freaks – this game is for you!!

Disney City Girl is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion Worlds.


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