8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

In-depth crafting and merchant mode.

Slow paced combat.

An MMORPG that features turn-based fighting, Dofus is a 2D cartoony fantasy world. The game features a big world, several classes, PVP based on guilds, and many modes like merchant and crafting. The game is popular with people from all over the world because it uses Flash and has system requirements that are low.

Gameplay Overview

Dofus has grown to be one of the most played MMORPGs out right now. In fact, the secret behind its success is mainly due to the game’s combat system and appealing graphics.


Dofus is set in the land called “The World of Twelve”, which got its name because there are 12 character classes that occupy it. During the game you are responsible for controlling a 2D avatar that comes from one of these 12 classes, from a 3rd person point of view.

You will progress through levels as you gain experience. Much the same with other MMORPGs, you will gain experience from completing quests and defeating villains. For each level you move up, you will be given 1 spell point, 5 life points and 5 characteristic points; all of which can be used to upgrade your spells and improve your character’s traits.  Furthermore, the higher the level your character reaches the more new equipment and spells that will come available. Once you reach level 100, your avatar will get one “aura”, and at level 200 you will get another. The highest level you can reach is 200. If you so wish, you can take on a profession and join friends to takeover other dungeons. You will find it much easier to interact with other players if you join a guild.



You will find this MMORPG to be a mixture of interactive cartoons and video games. Dofus gives you a new take on online games. For instance you will find oneiric graphics that are inspired by mangas. It features cynical humor and tactical gameplay which puts it in a class of its own with the competition. All of you gamers will love this game as the combat system is based on strategy, which is rare for this genre. Yet, casual players will still like the game as it is easily accessible.

Character Classes

As we mentioned above, Dofus has 12 classes of characters that you can choose from. You will find that each one has its own spells, specific to the character. The classes are: Ecaflip, Osamoddas, Sadida, Iop, Eniripsa, Xelor, Enutrof, Sacrier, Cra, Pandawa, Sram and Feca.


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Although the game officially takes place in real-time, Dofus’ combat is handled in a turn-based manner. In other words, you will take a turn to make a series of attacks and moves within a certain amount of time. For instance, when you attack a monster, you are sent to a “copy map” where you will fight. After a fight has begun, no one else can join.

You will use spells to do many things, including: heal, drain another’s Movement (MP) or Action Points (AP), attack or buff. Every action completed in combat will consume a small amount of your AP, and every move you make reduces your MP.

Game Update

Dofus features a completely re-written code that was done using Action Script 3, so now the most popular Flash MMO game will prove to be more responsive and faster. Additionally, they redrew over 10,000 maps and 2,000 animations. All of the revisions work together to make the game more fun, attractive and fluid,  while keeping low system requirements and the same great features and gameplay.

Dofus is free to play.

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