Doll and The City

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Many outfits and items to choose from.

Other cute items are available for paying members only.

Doll and The City is a great game is you are looking to create a doll to dress up. There are many dress-up items that you can use; in addition, you can earn Citydollars, get a job, level up, or pay to become a VIP member and gain even more benefits.

How do you earn Citydollars?

There are many ways in which you can earn Citydollars, including:

  • Each day you can send your doll to work, in return she will earn Citydollars
  • Win money or clothes with scratch cards
  • Adding a banner to your personal website
  • Becoming a VIP member
  • Playing minigames to become the best player of the week
  • Subscribing to contests and winning
  • Via SMS payment
  • Use TrialPay, Superrewards, Offerpal, SponsorPay, or SupersonicAds

What are the Benefits of a VIP Account?

To become a VIP member you will need to pay via SMS, PayPal, or credit card. You are able to sign up for this during your first week, two weeks, and month.

There are many benefits from signing up to this. For example, you will get more Citydollars, rooms, and dolls. In addition, they have a Marketplace that is available for VIP members where you can buy or sell whatever you want in this area; many items are sold for half price to you. In the case where you do not renew your VIP account you will get to keep all items you earned while VIP including furniture, doll, clothes, rooms, etc.

Fame Points

The other good thing is that you will earn 10 fame points each day. Other than winning fame points each day, you can also win fame points by playing minigames, getting a new hairstyle, changing your doll’s make-up, dressing your doll in new clothes, entering contests, buying items in the Marketplace, buying a doll, buying a room, finding a job, and more.

Moving Through Levels

You will move through many levels in Doll and The City. These levels are promoted by completing goals. Each time you finish a goal you are rewarded with fame points. As you progress through the game you will move through levels and your goals will change with your life’s situations.

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You are able to get a job which will earn you money. Such jobs you can get are:

  • Babysitter
  • Beautician make-up artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Secretary
  • Dressmaker – Here you will buy fabric and turn it into dresses you can sell at the Marketplace to get Citydollars. Don’t worry if you don’t sell anything right away, the game will still give you some money for your hard work.

Doll and The City is free to play.

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