Eden Eternal

7.1 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Cute imaginary world, easy to learn

If you're not an RPG fan, you might not like this game

Beyond its cute anime graphics in Eden Eternal, lies an intense engine with breath taking special effects, diverse monsters that kept even a veteran like me guessing, and a character and guild customization system that I have only dreamed possible until this day.

You begin the game within the character creator. Here you are given the choice of sex with the option to customize your face, hair style, hair color, skin color, and eye color. Both male and female have 5 beginning faces, 11 hair styles, 15 hair colors, and 15 (wow!) eye colors.

The next step is choosing your starter class. There are 5 standard MMO archetypes available to you eventually, however at the beginning you are locked into mage or warrior. You can then select one of 10 “Heroic Traits” which will define you as unique among other players. These traits vary from increased hp and mp, to increased luck and crit rate and are all based on a % increase of your total stat, meaning that these traits will define your character from start to finish of the game. While some traits are clearly focused on aiding specific classes’ skill sets, others are more general and may provide a leader some general survivability in combat so they can better focus on commanding their allies.

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Oh did I say you were locked into mage or warrior? Silly me, that isn’t entirely true. You can change your character’s class at any time in this game as long as you are out of combat. As a tank were you the sole survivor of a dungeon party wipe? Psh no problem, just roll cleric and revive your allies. Are you a bit too powerful for a dungeon and need to speed things up? Make a team of DPS characters and then reroll a tank for the final boss!

I know one of the first characteristics of a game I tend to judge is how unique and diverse the classes are ingame. After 10+ years of games following the WoW and Everquest standards set in ye olde age, it is refreshing to see some new faces on the block this year. Eden Eternal breaks the standard mold of classes by offering a huge number of them. Combine this with the ability to change and level each class’s skills individually on one character and your possibilities become near endless.

Though you only start with mage and warrior, you will eventually unlock the other classes by fulfilling specific requirements. For example, the Rouge Archetype Blade Dancer becomes available once you have a lvl 50 character with 45 mastery levels in Bard (a healer archetype class). This encourages and rewards players for learning the ins and outs of each class.

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