Fashion Fantasy Game

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Allows users to develop online personalities as virtual “designers” or “store owners” who sell clothing and other fashion pieces.

Cool features are only available for VIP users.

Forget about Cutting out Paper Dolls and Create Clothes in Fashion Fantasy Game.

If you are passionate about fashion then you will absolutely love this Fashion Fantasy Game. You can forget the days of cutting out paper dolls and take your fashion design to a whole new level, where you can combine business ideas and concepts with your own designs of clothing. Users of the Fashion Fantasy Game can design and showcase their own creations and sell them in a virtual competitive online environment.

Fashion Fantasy Game encourages creativity as well as teaches you about the business side of fashion design where you will manage your own fashion store, and manage your revenues and expenses, just like you would in the real world. When you sign up to Fashion Fantasy Game you will be given your own bank account with a specific amount of Fashion Buckz (the games currency) to get you started on the road to fashion and design, where you can create your first outfit and present it to prospective retailers, (virtual buyers of course!).

Here are some of the features and what you can learn in Fashion Fantasy Game:

  • The ability to assume the role of either designer or store owner
  • Enter contests in weekly themed design competitions to win real prizes
  • Create fashions, produce them and sell them to virtual retailers
  • Learn marketing, advertising and promotion skills
  • Manage your own expenses and revenues and learn how to budget wisely
  • Purchase stock from fellow designers, rent and retail in a choice of 4 major cities and attract shoppers to increase sales and make an income

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In addition to creating and designing clothing – Fashion Fantasy Game also has an online social networking stream that provides players with the opportunity to share and express their creative ideas.  Fashion Fantasy Game is entertaining and educational all in one. Players can create a profile page, write about their news/ideas and share them on blogs, chat online and chat to their friends online. The developer of the game – Nancy Ganz has previous experience in fashion and business and this is what makes this virtual world of fashion design as sophisticated as it is. Fashion Fantasy Game is still growing in popularity and currently boasts 2.5 million members, and those members have created over 4.3 million designs between them!

I highly recommend that you try out Fashion Fantasy Game, and see for yourself how hugely entertaining and educational it really is.

Fashion Fantasy Game is free to play.

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