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G-rated collection of songs, games, videos, and virtual-world play.

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FrankTown Rocks is a virtual world MMO, designed for children of all ages. This game allows you to make a player, and stroll around the city while making new friends, making music, playing games, watching videos, listening to music and more. You can earn virtual money during some activities, called Franks, that you can then use to buy accessories, clothing, musical instruments, house stuff or other items for your character.

Franktown Rocks is a fun and safe place for you to grow and learn. In this town, you can do things like practice keyboarding and reading, taking part in creative role playing and learning more about making music. By collecting and spending Franks, you can learn about money management and practice math at the same time.


This game is all about music. However,  it features more than just a few games and music lessons. You will begin the gameplay by following the three-step sign up process. The process is: choose a gender and character, pick a home style and then pick a username, password and your parent’s email. A confirmation email will be sent to your parents so they will know you created the account, and have your username and password in the event you forget.

Franktown Rocks identity is managed by your virtual character and username which both exist in this 2D environment. Your avatar can be dressed using tasteful clothes and other accessories. Your character can also have a vehicle, pet rock and your own home to decorate.


Questing: The Scavenger Hunt

To have nice belongings in the game you will need to first earn Franks, or virtual currency. You can do this in two ways: questing and playing games.

Currently you can engage in eight different quests in Franktown Rocks. Unlike the quests in RPGs, each quest in this game is a scavenger hunt. Here you must look around the world for hidden items, when you find them you simply click on them. Each item will reward you will some Franks, but when you complete the collection rewards you will earn even more Franks and a special trophy in your name.

Most scavenger hunts will focus on finding musical instruments. However, one will ask you to collect school supplies and candy; where yet another asks you to clean trash to recycle. The hunts will work to introduce you to new things, while encouraging you to pay attention to detail. You will find that the first few quests will give you hints to follow in order to find the items. However, later quests will hide the objects better and give you no hints.

Game On: Reflexes and Music

Mini-games are a staple and Franktown Rocks has plenty! In fact, this part of the game does not lack when it comes to a wonderful selection of games to pick from that you can play. These games will even include some gaming concepts that will be familiar to you, such as games like Guitar Hero and Pac-Man. Total, you will find 3 multiplayer games and 11 single-player games to pick.


There are lots of musical games here, as well such as Rock-it Racer! This is a side-scrollin game where you collect sheets of music paper that will enentually be turned into a virtual concert. Other fun games are: Guitar Crazy, Franktown Puzzler, WordCube, Franktown Chomp, Franktown Hoops and Singshot Picnic Defender.

Among other games, there are four versions where you will have to act as a chef in a restaurant in Franktown. Here you must add ingredients to food dishes, by following close orders so you don’t make mistakes. However, you must also make sure you do it fast enough so you don’t get backed up and fired.

An Orchestra of Learning and Listening

By nature, a virtual world offers games, social interactions and quests for you. In the end, this game is fun because it mixes music education and music. To begin, Franktown Rocks offers you video music lessons on several of the most popular musical instruments. Currently you will learn how to play the electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. Lessons will teach you about the instrument’s basic components, basic playing and care tips. There are also extra lessons that will have demos of those instruments that you may actually have. Each video is succinct and will give you a realistic introduction to learning the instrument.


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On the other hand, you can also take lessons to experiment with playable and interactive instruments that allow you to hear real notes and sounds from each instrument. If you hold a note down, it will be played for longer. Each one shows the relationship to the instrument itself. For example, the guitar tutorial will show you frets and finger placement on a chart. Though it may be a little limited in scope, the instrument still allows you to experiment and play not only with the sounds, but alsol with using the instrument to make music.

In the end, Franktown Rocks offers a wide array of games and other activities. In addition, you will find various types of music, such as: kids, pop, hip hop, rock and country. You will find celebrity artists that you know and love like: Zac Efron, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Wolfmother and the Jonas Brothers. Though none of the music is dumbed down, cut-short or covered, it is all kid-friendly! In the end, if you love playing games and music – then this is the game for you!

FrankTown Rocks is free to play.

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