Gaia on the Go

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

You can dress up your avatar or change your saved outfits, read and post in the forums, reply to private messages, check your notices and buy stuff on the Marketplace

No landscape function, guilds, chat and friends button are missing on this app.

If you are a patron of Gaia Online, then this app will allow you to bring our favorite features with you wherever you go. This free app is for iPhone users who already have Gaia Online accounts who want to access their Gaia account on the move. Although there is an older version of the application, there is an updated one as well that are both available for download in the app store.

The Older Version of Gaia on the Go

The first version of the application is not the most recent, but some still use it. When you use this version you still have access to many features. Some features you have access to with this version are forums, your inventory, notifications, announcements, saved outfits, the marketplace, and private messages. One of the only drawbacks with this version is that when it comes time to posting in forums you need to access it from your phone’s browser because this version does not support that function.

The Updated Gaia on the Go

Rather than update the original application, the company made an entirely new Gaia on the Go. The new version of the app allows you to check notices, purchase items from the marketplace, read and post replies in the forum, stay up-to-date on current announcements, reply to messages, view saved outfits or create new ones, see your notices, or buy things from the Cash Shop (a new feature). This app will also let you see your notifications such as marketplace listings that have sold or friend requests. So, the newest feature on the updated app is that it allows you to buy items from the Cash Shop; in other words, you can spend your real money on virtual items from the shop right from your iPhone.

Probably the best reason for downloading and using this app on your phone is that it gives you an additional daily chance that you would not normally have if you accessed the game from the website only. The daily chance is great because it gives you one free chance a day to win free gold or other items. Another reason it is a good idea to get this daily chance because you can earn items only winnable there like the white or black iPhone that your avatar can hold.

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In the end, this is a wonderful app. In the future perhaps they will integrate the chat system into the app so you can talk to friends in real time right from your iPhone. Also, that would be a good way to see which of your friends are online since the app currently does not show you this. Finally, for a future app version they could let you shop at the Gaia gold shops in addition to the cash shops. However regardless if the app updates to have these features or not, this is an all-around good app that is recommended for anyone who already has an account for Gaia Online.

Gaia on the Go is free to play.

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