Gaia Online

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

User does not need to download special client software in order to play the game.

There are times when the game performance lags.

Play Gaia Online – the hugely popular anime themed game.

The world of anime has grown hugely popular on the internet over the last decade. Gaia Online is themed on anime type games and has been a huge hit among teens and adults, where members play games and chat on the massive online community, which incidentally has become an award-winning hit as one of the best avatar-based online game and community portal. Gaia also now boasts it’s new found fame as the world’s second  largest discussion forums on the net, where Gaia members post over one million forum posts, every single day!

So what’s all the hype about the game?

One of the reasons as to why the game has grown so huge and popular is because Gaia not only includes some of the best flash games, but everything you do, and everyone you interact with, is in one huge community, in fact its like one big chat room. But that’s not all – as there are so many other complimentary features that make this one of the most exciting and highly interesting online anime themed games on online.

Just take look at some of these features of Gaia Online and you’ll see why:

  • Create and personalize your avatar complete with chibi alter ego
  • Decorate your apartment keep an aquarium and  personalize your car
  • Earn Gaia Gold (games currency) while you play and interact
  • Use your Gaia Gold to spend in loads of shops for really cool stuff
  • Join in Gaia’s special annual events, such as ranging special holidays like April Fools, Easter, Halloween, Xmas, and Valentine’s Day celebrations.
  • Use your virtual currency for trading items with other users in the virtual economy
  • Play mini flash games such as slots, pinball, and blackjack etc

For more screenshots, click here.

Navigate you avatar around the community. All users are referred to as ‘Gaians’, even simple interactions such as browsing and posting comments in forums and chat rooms will earn you Gaia Gold. That’s why Gaia Online is so interesting because you reap rewards while you are having fun and socializing with other users.

Overall – I highly recommend Gaia Online as the whole concept of the game is great. The developers have somehow managed to create a winning combination of entertainment and social interaction that is hugely enjoyable. Once you sign up you will find that you want to participate and be a part of the community. So sign up today and join the million or so other Gaia’s on this fantastic online anime themed game.

Gaia Online is free to play.

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