7.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

There are over 2000 quests in this game.

Some clothes may look inappropriate or exposing too much skin.

GalaStories is a free fashion game through Facebook. What you have to do in GalaStories is create the most trendy fashions that you can. By putting together, shoes, tops, skirts, socks, hats and coats you will have to create evidence that are trendy and fashionable and then save them to get points in the game.

There are two different models to choose from when you play GalaStories and lots of different hairstyles that you can match with all of your outfits.


In the game you can take your character and dress them up to walk through many different areas. As you walk through areas is the reactions that you get that help you to earn more money that you can spend on more clothes and accessories. There are also challenges that can help you on your way to becoming a real fashion expert. You may start off as a fairly normal person in the game, but you can eventually become a big-time model or fashion expert by making the right moves and buying the right clothes.

There are thousands of different clothes and fashion combinations to make in the game so it takes some experimenting to finally find your own unique style. You can also use your characters to create your own clothes and to make your own clothes from scratch. Making clothes takes money and a little extra time but you can make some amazing clothing for your models which can help you to score big points.

As you continue on in the game you can earn more fame and also win showdowns against other models. You get more popular the more showdowns that you can win and the more times that you are able to look better than other models in the game.

You can also work with your friends to try and earn more points and to share clothes in GalaStories. When you walking areas with your friends you earn much more points and by trading close with your friends you can work on getting better outfits that will earn you more points and money that you can spend. Any of your old close that you’re not using could be used by your friends so it is always a good idea to try and become friends with other people so that you can help them out in the game.

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This game is entirely free to play and can be a lot of fun to play by yourself or even the play with friends. It is amazing just how well you can customize your character and how good your characters can look. This game looks a lot different than a lot of the other games on Facebook because it’s also in 3-D. Not too many Facebook games come with 3-D graphics so this could be one of the coolest looking games that you have played on Facebook. If you like fashion, models, and dressing well this could be a very fun game for you to look into. You can find GalaStories through Facebook.

GalaStories is free to play.

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