Happy Pets

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Pet trade system.

Difficult to unlock new pet species.

Happy Pets is a great new game that lets you adopt cute and cuddly animals and take care of them. Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility and raising up at him happy pets is just the same. When you get an animal and Happy Pets you’re responsible for caring for it, keeping it clean, playing with it, feeding it and keeping it in a safe and happy home.

In Happy Pets you can work to create the perfect environment for a variety of adorable critters. You can also buy tons of accessories that can help to give each one of your pets a unique look.

By meeting new friends on Happy Pets or by inviting your friends to join Happy Pets you can trade-in adopter friends pets as well as see into their Happy Pets home. Working with your friends you can adopt all of the various happy pets and let your friends take care of your Happy Pets when you are gone,

When you start in Happy Pets you can select either a cat or a dog as a pet and then decorate the room that they’re going to live in. Once you have started off your adventure in happy pets you will have to look after all of your pets to make sure that they stay happy and can continue to grow. If you don’t feed your pet or care for it well then it will start to look very sad. Pets and Happy Pets can’t die but they can get very sad very quick if you don’t take care of them.

When you feed your pets they will be able to move quicker and also become more happy from the room that they are in. You need to collect coins in order to buy food in happy pets. You can gain coins by petting and cleaning your pets. Each and every time that you pet your Happy Pets you will earn a bit of experience as well as some coins. Cleaning up litter and also cleaning up food bowls will also gain you experience and coins which you can use to spend on food later.

Decorating your room is one of the most important parts of happy pets. Decorations include things like televisions, scratching posts, tables, lamps and more. Anything that works to express your style or that you would like your pet to have you can buy with coins.

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It’s important not to waste your coins on too much stuff for your room as you will still need to afford food for your happy pets too. Once you customize your happy pets room you will be able to invite your friends into the room so that they can see all of the things that you have and just how happy it makes your pet.

Happy Pets is a lot of fun and watching your pets grow is very cute. Learning responsibility and also learning how to take care of a pet teaches some excellent life lessons. You can play happy pets over Facebook or by signing into the game on the website.

Happy Pets is free to play.

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