8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Safe and friendly with tons of content and mini-games.

The ability to level up your character and to own a pet.is only for premium members.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

Herotopia is a great place that allows you to become a superhero in a virtual environment that is educational, safe and fun. After you create your very own superhero you will have a blast learning astonishing facts about other cultures and cities, in addition to playing games.

Herotopia Overview

This game offers you a safe, fun-filled virtual world for gaming that is modelled from the real world. This is a great place for you to learn the best way to deal with bullies, practice worldly heroship and just plain make the world a better place. Once you join this world, you will become a herotopian in the browser-based, flash MMO. The game follows you on your quest to explore famous locations around the world, battle the main group of villains referred to as the Bully Bunch, practice many school subjects by playing games that are fun and learn new facts about the environment and cultures from around the globe.


Herotopia offers a free membership that is basic and pretty limited. This simple membership allows you to customize your character somewhat, play some games and use one Superpower. Also available to everyone are such features as a safe email chat system, Herograms and the Herofriends feature. If you wish to have full access to the game you can do so for a one-time fee of $5.95. You will find that by doing so your Hero can begin to use Topia Tokens to buy secret hideout furnishings or other character items, choose superpowers to use, purchase a vehicle and adopt an Orang-utan sidekick.

Additionally, by purchasing the membership you will have access to every mission and game available. By taking part in these activities you will begin to gain experience and level-up as you complete tasks and perform other activities. Aside from the cool added game features, Herotopia will also donate part of all membership-generated revenues to the Global Heroship Fund which helps children do good deeds as members of the real world.



Herotopia is divided into different continents that you can explore at your leisure. The current locations you can visit are: Beijing, Paris, Herotopia Island, the North Pole, New York and Paris. Additionally, there are even famous landmarks you will recognize such as The Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. This 2D cartoon-style world is awesome, as you can interact with most things on the screen. These items on the screen reveal fun things like bits of trivia about the corresponding country or a game.

Games and Missions Another great thing is that this world features games that aren’t mindless. Instead, it offers activities that encourage you to think and express yourself. Such games you will find are jigsaw puzzles, object finders, coloring scenes, snowball fights, geography challenges, a trivia game like Jeopardy and much more. If you enter the Hero Hideout you will find a special section of games referred to as “Power Puzzles” where you will find a Puzzle Arcade and daily Power Puzzle.


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The Power Puzzle is a mission that is made up of random tasks you’ll find in the arcade. The Puzzle Arcade is a collection of mini-games where you can practice jigsaw puzzles, spell checks, math operations, time telling, trivia questions, crossword challenges and more. You will also find other games around the map similar to Bejewelled that are casual and fun. You will love collecting Topia Tokens while playing games. You can spend these tokens on new items for your hideout or character in any shop around the world.

Herotopia also has daily missions where you will be asked to locate items around the world by following clues. You will then be rewarded with experience for completing the mission. By earning experience, you will be able to level up your character and unlock special Superhero powers. In the end, Herotopia does not offer the best MMORPG graphics, but it will help you learn good values, by promoting diversity and teaching you about other cultures. In addition, you will learn how to deal with bullies and follow the Honor Code. Just remember, when you play in Herotopia, everyone must be respectful of others and super!

Herotopia is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.


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