7.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10

If you love ponies, you will love this game!

Free gameplay is limited.

Howrse is a browser based horse breeding game. The object of the game itself is to breed the finest horses you can manage to breed. The site is growing rapidly with 1,797,000 members on the English server.

The artwork of Howrse is well done. Not only is everything well-organized and easy to find, but the layout is also artistically beautiful. The horses and ponies come in many different colors ranging from strawberry roan to palomino piebald, with each coat coloring only being used on the horses that actually have that coat real life. Horses and ponies also have two different images for the stages in their life; foal and adult.

Probably one of the main reasons so many people are attracted to Howrse is the ability to create your own horses for the site. When you acquire the Black Pearl, you gain the ability to create your very own coat for your use, and use by other members of the site.

I have a horse. Now what? Far too many of these browser-based online thingums take you through their registration then dump you into the game without any real sense of what you’re supposed to do or how best to achieve it. Boring help pages are often your only route.

Howrse makes it very easy to understand and play the game. Ow appears at the top of the page. He’s a little white monkey and when it comes to Howrse he knows his manure. You are taken through a series of “quests” which show you the basics of caring for your pony: feeding him correctly, grooming, putting him out to graze and so on. The quests reward your pony and you with carrots, turnips and age points which I you spend to make your horse older so he can do more things.


You will soon be able to buy a place at a player-run equestrian centre where your pony can live but in order to pay the rent you will be told you must find a job. After a bit of poking around you might see a job advert for a groom. Click “apply” and cross your fingers. Success is likely:)

This… game is fun. After you complete a certain quest, Ow will give you a magical golden apple with which you can change your pony’s default avatar picture to something fancier and community made. There are many avatars to choose from; you will likely spend at least 15 minutes trying to pick one!

The main idea of Howrse is to become the best at one particular field of the site. You can be the Top Breeder, own the top Equestrian Center, set up the most successful horse race, or have the best horses on the site.

The best horses and ponies can be chosen based on their abilities in the following: trotting, galloping, dressage, speed, stamina, and jumping. Each breed of horse has its own strengths and weaknesses, just like real horses. Horses can become better at their specialties through selective breeding.

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When you first sign up for the site, you are asked your age, which determines whether or not you are allowed to use the forums and private messaging features of the site. Howrse abides by C.O.P.P.A. in doing so.

The forums are very well moderated. On the forums all curse words are filtered out, making the forums a safe place for younger audiences.

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