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Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Lots of cute dresses and items to choose from.

Other features of the game are are available to paying members only.

A social hangout that will encourage you to explore your fashion sense and creativity, i-Dressup allows you to create your very own unique profile. Once you have signed up you will be able to find many ways to create, participate, communicate, and most importantly – have fun!

i-Dressup is a community that features dress up games and will be great for you if you love new styles, fashion, and dress up games. You will dress up dolls with the newest styles or design accessories and clothing while keeping in-sync with your friends via their news feed.

What is i-Dressup?

i-Dressup is a game site that runs off flash that features an online community that is fun to explore if you are creative and have a good sense of fashion. As soon as you join the online community, iZone, there are many ways in which you can participate, communicate, and be entertained.

What can you do at i-Dressup.com?

i-Dressup.com is a game site and online community where you can play dress up games and express your fashion sense and creative side as you dress up your avatar and personal space. Furthermore, there are many other members of the online community that you can become friends with. Additionally you can write a blog, play games, and design clothing. As long as you are over the age of 13 you can sign up for iZone and begin playing immediately.

Marketplace Description

The Marketplace is the place on the site where you are able to sell your used clothes. In addition, you can view other people’s pre-owned items that are for sale through the Marketplace.

What is Fashion Avenue?

Fashion Avenue acts as the central hub for fashion for i-Dressup brand accessories and clothing. On Fashion Avenue you will find a few Boutiques for iToon and Toondress stores, in addition to several for iLook. Here you can create your own personal style and try on as many clothes as you wish. Fashion Avenue is renovated and updated frequently so more clothing brands are added constantly.

Does it cost anything to play i-Dressup?

Not a penny. All the games are free. Additionally it is free to save dolls to your album, create your own iToon/iLook, and other activities such as designing your room is free. Membership to the site is also free.

As a sign-up gift i-Dressup will give you 50 iCoins to begin. In addition, you can continue making money called iCoins by playing the games in i-Dressup.

What is iCoin?

iCoin is i-Dressup.com’s virtual currency. iCoins are required to buy decor items, gifts, webcast messages, pets, and the latest clothing items.

What is a General Membership?

If you are under the age of 13 you must first gather your parents consent before being granted with a General Membership with i-Dressup. The following items are included with your i-Dressup General Membership:

  • Access to your very own guestbook
  • A personal blog
  • An About Me page where you are able to write all about you and your interests
  • List of friends
  • Messaging service to chat with other members
  • A place to share what is one your mind
  • Access which allows you to post on other site member’s blog or game comments and guestbook.

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How do I invite my other friends to join the site?

You can go to the page called “Tell a Friend” and invite all of your friends in real life to play i-Dressup. Through this page you can send your friends invitations and you will earn 30 iCoins for every friend who signs up via the link in your invitation. The iCoins will be added to your account one your friend has activated their account.

i-Dressup is free to play.

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