8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Turns learning into a fun, entertaining and friendly competition.

Occasional lagging and website crash a few times.

JumpStart is a subscription-based 3D world that provides lots of learning games in a controlled, safe environment. This game is best for those of you between the ages of 3 and 10-years, but younger kids can use it with a little more adult help. The interactive tools on JumpStart will help you learn to solve mathematical equations, alphabet, grammar, and other worldly issues.

JumpStart 3

What can you learn from JumpStart?

You can learn lots of things by playing on JumpStart. Such things include art, math, geography and reading. This educational game puts you in control over your very own customizable avatar. You can then use your person to solve math problems, distinguish between sentence types and find improper grammar uses. In addition you can explore shapes, the alphabet, art, music, and more. JumpStart features an open world that allows you to choose only the activities that interest you; you’ll never have to be forced to do a task you don’t want to do. This platform is great for self-directed learning that is fun with limitless content.

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Game Overview

JumpStart has created a 3D virtual world that doubles as a learning game. You will explore the land in search of games and activities to take part in. The game has so much content that you really must check it out for yourself to see everything. However, here are some examples: matching shapes, coloring fun, mini-games that are themed, playing with toys and instruments and even looking through storybooks that are voiced. For those of you who are older, you can use jetpacks to fly through to answer math questions, post your work or even color pictures. All games are created for both fun and learning.

JumpStart 12

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This is a very entertaining world that allows you to have fun while you learn prepositions, multiplication tables and more. At the same time, JumpStart turns it into a friendly competition, as you can compare how you did (anonymously) with scores from others. Additionally, the offer lots of incentive as you are given coins and stars used to unlock other game features.

In the end, if you’re looking for an online learning platform where you’ll also have fun – JumpStart is exactly what you need! Here you will have lots of fun playing games and learning with no distractions from other players!

JumpStart is free to play.

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