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Cools features and items are available to paid members only.

Kidscom is a world of fun and entertainment. You learn as you play and you will never get bored with the virtual world. This virtual world has been popular ever since it was launched in 1995 because it educates while allowing you to have fun.

There are numerous different activities such as Climate Change and Animal Habitats. This activity is very simple and helps you learn a lot about the environment. It is all about recycling. You should collect recyclable items in this activity. There are items that will also enlighten you about recycling and tell you what items can’t be recycled.


When you enter this world, you will start off with a small house. You have a few furniture items to select from initially. However, if you choose the paid account named Idea Seeker, you will have more options available to you.

You can equip the house with numerous items. They are usually environment friendly and when you hover around them, you will have information about them and how they are beneficial to planet earth. Among the items to choose are renewable resource bamboo chairs, energy-efficient refrigerators, and houseplants.


Another activity revolves around the Field Museum of Chicago. You will learn even more about the habitats of various animals and their preservation.

In the lobby, you will find t-rex overpowering the room. Your job is to find animals of different species that are native to wetlands. These species of animals have actually escaped their native place because of the changes in the environment. Throughout the activity you will be enlightened about the various animals such as their features and their adaptation.


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The world also has forums that you can use to talk to the others and share knowledge. There is also voting to discuss strategies for you to participate in. This feature is especially nice.

Kidscom encourages you to play as a team. You can join a team with an associated animal and color and compete against other teams. You will have to face new challenges every week and completing them will help the rank of your team.

Bottom line is that this world is fun and intriguing. It is engaging and you will stay on it for hours, learning and having lots of fun!

Kidscom is free to play.

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