8.2 Overall Score
Gameplays: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Safe and educational.

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Kuboo: The 3D World For Kids To Have Fun

Kuboo is a 3D Virtual World for kids to interact and learn with their friends. Kuboo “The Place Where Kids Rule” is the creation of Safe Communications the leader in products designed for the overall protection of kid’s interactions with advanced technology and social media behavior.

Children can play and enjoy every aspect of the game without ever being exposed to potential harm or abuse. As parents have full control, they may decide what their children have access to, in order to match their child’s appropriate age group.


About The Game

Before you can explore the world around you, you must start from your very own created home. Your home is really cool and set up for everyone to enjoy and control. Your home is like your starting point and your base to return to. You can purchase items as you continuing playing through the game and get to decorate it however you want! You can move items around, change them, pick a theme or whatever your idea of a perfect home would be. Designing is fun and totally limitless!

From your home you can play games, watch videos and even Live Kuboo Events all on your own flat screen TV! Your parents can control the videos you watch to be sure you are viewing the ones that are right for your age. These controls are what make this game ever so perfect for all ages!


As Kuboo is a social game, you can spend time talking with your friends, make new friends in a safe and friendly environment. Your parents can oversee your conversations to ensure you talking appropriately and to people who are within your appropriate age. Everyone will experience great peace of mind while having a great time playing games and enjoying great entertainment.

The Game’s Great Activities

You can play sports with friends, or play puzzles to test your skills and just have a great time. You have everything ever so close by. Play soccer, go skiing, skateboarding or go for great brain teasers! That’s just a few of the many games and activities available to you.


For more screenshots, click here.

In Conclusion

This is a wonderful game for children and offers the very best security for their well being and safety. The graphics are absolutely wonderful and the games are terrific! So come on over and let’s play!

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