Lady Popular

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Many outfits and items to choose from.

Too long of a wait between tasks.

Lady Popular is the latest online browser based game that is free to play and aimed at females. You can fully customize the look of your very own “Lady” by personalizing many aspects of her including: make-up, breast size, faces, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. This game should draw you in as it focuses around your every dream when it comes to fashion. The game interface is easy to use and the graphics are good.


You can customize your virtual Lady many different ways as there are thousands of items such as necklaces, shirts, rings, dresses, skirts, shoes, and a lot more. In fact, if you were to count up all the combinations in which you can customize your Lady the number would be over 16,000,000. The best thing is that there are so many styles to choose from, depending on your individual personality and mood. The styles include high-end designer clothes, casual clothing, and more specialized clothes such as Arabian Nights, Cat Woman, Egyptian Queen, and much more.

Places you can Visit

There are many places you can visit such as

  • The Library where you can learn new things to increase your Lady’s IQ
  • The Gym which is the perfect place to keep your Lady in shape
  • The Tattoo Shop where you can take your Lady to get a cool new tattoo
  • The Disco where you can hook up and meet other players
  • The Mall is where you will love shopping for thousands of clothing and accessory items

In addition to these places, you can also buy a pet, get a job, go to the bank, jog in the park, have a medical examination completed, go to your apartment, or take a nap.


As if all we mentioned above was not enough, you can also get your lady a new hairstyle, lips, hair color, or even eyebrows for your Lady. As you advance through the game, you will gain opportunities to visit the best of the best cosmetic studios to have your Lady’s lips or other areas enlarged.

Owning Pets

In Lady Popular you can get either a big dog or a cute little cat and dress it up as you wish. When it comes to dressing your pets, there are thousands of style ideas and they are planning on adding more each month.

Villa or Apartment

By either following a successful career path or hooking up with a rich boyfriend you will be able to buy your very own villa or apartment which you can then decorate with Persian rugs, fancy wallpaper, fashion furniture, or eastern lamps.

If you can imagine the Sims shoved into a social game that is menu-driven and caters to only females, then you will know what Lady Popular is like. In hopes of being the most popular Lady on Facebook, you can micromanage every small detail of your avatar’s life.

Gameplay Overview

The depth of this game is quite impressive. You begin by designing your very own unique Lady avatar by customizing her appearance and outfit. You can further refine her look by taking her to the tattoo shop, shopping mall, or hair salon where she can get a new color or style.

From this point on the world is like your oyster. Comparative to other games like Mafia Wars that are menu-driven, this game also has goals you can complete to earn cash and experience points. The goals can include working for a specified job, going to the Employment Agency to apply for jobs, changing your hairstyle at a salon, taking a trip to the gym, flirting with boys at the disco, shopping at the mall, and so forth.

This is not all though. Your very first mission is to find a place to live which to start will be an apartment that is rented. You can customize your living space with every comfort of home such as cutlery, furniture, windows, and other décor items. Having a pad of your own to socialize at and decorate is not a new feature for social games; however in Lady Popular you can have multiple rooms to make your own.

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As you perform tasks it will affect your Lady’s stats. For example, if you work at a job you can earn cash but you will decrease your Lady’s energy and hygiene. Another example is when you dance it will increase your dancing skills but will decrease your weight, energy, and hygiene.

All of the hard work you put in on your Lady goes toward your chances of becoming the most sought after Lady on Facebook for that week. Each week you and the other players will vote on which Lady you think is the best. The winner will receive an exclusive crown item as a special reward.

Lady Popular will be lots of fun for you because you can customize your character literally any way you want and there are a ton of activities to do. Basically when it comes to your Lady, you will love being able to create whatever look you wish. For example, a sophisticated office worker or a green-haired punk rocker with tattoo sleeves up both arms. Another great thing is that you don’t have to stick with one look. In fact, the game will encourage you to switch it up quite often.

Your time will fly by as you have fun playing 10 minigames such as Concentration, Sudoku, slider puzzles. In the end, this game is a lot of fun and the level of customization for your Lady is great.

Lady Popular is free to play.

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