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Offering the most comprehensive English language course online.

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Mingoville is what we call a narrative universe that acts as an online program for five to fifteen year olds to learn English. You will be accompanied in town by flamingos, they all speak only English and feature their own personalities. The program gives instructions in only English, and is translated from 32 languages. This game is great as it was created in the perfect manner to teach English as a second language.



When you play this game you will see that it encompasses ten themed missions that include:

  • Clothes and Colors
  • The Family
  • Shop and Food
  • The Body
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Seasons and Nature
  • Furniture and House
  • Travel and Time
  • Animals
  • Media and Sports

In each mission you will find somewhere around 13 learning activities like interactive games, rhymes, songs, stories and dialogues.  If you are looking for a comprehensive online training system that is approved by parents and children, then Mingoville is what you want. The game has grown into a huge English learning community. Many kids come to Mingoville to take full advantage of all their easy-to-use features and cutting-edge technologies, while learning and having fun!


In this game, you will find that their graphics are small and colorful, while their text is easy to read. Mingoville features a simple layout that still looks fun and attractive. The main characters you will come to know are Dr. Phil Good (family doctor) and the Pinkletons (a flamingo family). The game is completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about a third party individual collecting your personal information. In addition, all communication through the game goes on through Mingoville’s secure servers.


For more screenshots, click here.

In the end, Mingoville is a fun place where they combine English games with fun characters and songs to make learning English a blast. This game will not only help improve your English language skills, but your comprehension skills in spelling, pronunciation, writing, grammar and reading will also get better! You have nothing to lose, it’s free – so sign up today!

Mingoville is free to play.

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