Miss Bimbo

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Gameplay: 7/10
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Graphics: 7/10

Features more than 30 levels of fun fashion games and challenges.

The site reinforces negative stereotypes and concepts about how women's happiness is determined by their looks.

The Miss Bimbo game offers you a community and “fashion” game. Bimboland presents a fun and safe environment for you to raise your bimbo. The game also serves as a place to socialize, educate and interact with other people. Miss Bimbo gives you access to a great wealth of fashion, bimbo and female related topics.


Miss Bimbo is an educational tool, game and social meeting place for those conscious to bimboism and fashion. The game is free to play and features a very welcoming community. There are many reasons you would want to play. The foremost reason you would want to play is that it allows you a “Bimbo” character to watch over as she lives her life.


One of the main goals in Miss Bimbo is to complete your assigned individual tasks that sometimes involve other bimbos. The game begins at level one and follows a storyline that is updated from time-to-time, currently ending right now at level 30. Yet, they have plans for increasing the number of levels up to 100 very soon.


This game is much like The Sims, in that you must nurture and love your bimbo; this includes caring for her in terms of feeding and loving. If you fail to do this, your bimbo will become sick and die after a while.

The game is fun because it teaches you everything you need to know about the fashion industry; including how to sell in the bimbo market to get money and more. The town is a great deal of fun to explore as you’ll be able to earn bimbo attitude as you challenge others to games around the town.

The other side of Miss Bimbo is much more interactive. This portion of the game allows you to earn Bimbo attitude to move up and down a league based on your number of points. These points can either be earned or lost by finishing puzzles, beating challenges, playing Wordo and so on.


The challenges are held on the catwalk and feature 2 bimbos facing off to see who is better. The winner is chosen based on fashion sense, health, and overall happiness levels. Other game tasks include earning IQ points and Bimbo attitude (BA) by taking part in challenges against others and fashion duels, training for careers and obtaining boyfriends.

The level system, mentioned above, currently consists of 30 levels, where each one contains certain goals. You will have the chance to style your Bimbo with make-up, clothes and new hair styles. In Miss Bimbo you’ll find a make-up parlor, body art shop and hair salon.

Here you can buy special makeup items, tattoos or even piercings. Just don’t forget to customize your profile that allows you to display the looks of your bimbo; you’ll also share her interests and likes with others.


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Activities you will engage in during normal gameplay are playing with a pet, looking for a boyfriend, picking real estate to buy or rent and keeping your bimbo happy. Some fun activities your bimbo can engage in are dancing at the club, training your pet, going to the gym, playing games and much more.

In this game you’ll also find a forum section. Here you’ll find help for newbies and bugs, general conversation threads and others regarding fashion contests. The fashion contests allow you to take part in administrator created contests, or others created by fellow players. In each contest it’s a good idea to wear clothes from the “Nines” fashion boutique to create your own style.

The other thing you can do is win credits and points for taking part in the site’s strategy games. One such game is called “Mastermind” and is much like Hasbro’s game of the same title. Additionally, you’ll find versions of Soduku, Concentration, Fifteen Puzzle and much more!

Miss Bimbo is free to play.

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