Moshi Monsters

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Focused on learning and puzzle minigames

There are only 6 types of monsters to choose from.

Moshi Monsters is a 2D virtual world that is free-to-play. In this game you can create your very own pet monster to care for.

Create a Monster

One of the coolest things about Moshi Monsters is that you can create a pet monster that is fully customizable. This allows you to let your imagination run “wild” while creating a monster that will show what type of crazy animal you would own if you could.

The monsters in the game are super cute and can be created using many types of styles and colors. Just make sure once you create a monster that you take good care of it by choosing a name, feeding it, and playing with it so it doesn’t get hungry or lonely.

As you use your monster to interact with the world you can earn money called Rox by playing online games. You can spend the rox on accessories for your monster’s room. However, if you wish to buy wearable accessories or additional clothes, you will need to buy a membership for the site.

Make New Friends

Moshi Monsters is also a great place to meet and chat with new friends. Each player has their own notice board, and this is where you can message other players if you want. Moshi Monsters is fun to explore with friends you already know and new ones you are about to meet! Yet, beware because most of the world is restricted until you become a paid member of the site.

Play Games

The puzzle games playable through Moshi Monsters are both educational and fun, but you must read on a higher level than you would need to for games such as Club Penguin or Webkinz. Nonetheless, playing the games will still help you learn new information on logic, spelling, and math which will surely help with your homework! Just remember that the faster you solve the puzzles, the more Rox you will earn and the more successful you will become.


Moshi Monsters is a mix between a kid’s social network and a virtual pet website. You can adopt one of six monsters to take place in its very own home that you can customize with new furniture buyable with “Rox” – the Moshi Monster currency. You will love playing the many puzzle games that oriented towards learning like those games found in Nintendo’s Brain Age games. Exploring Monstro City while making new friends is fun and this virtual world gives you a safe place to interact with others.

The six types of monsters are Luvli, Diavlo, Zommer, Katsuma, Poppet, and Furi. Just remember that sign-up for the game is free, but to access certain parts and functions of the game are only available through a paid subscription. In addition, a parent must confirm even the free membership with an email address before you can begin using the world. These actions help keep Moshi Monsters fun and safe for children of all ages.

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Your main focus with this game is to adopt and raise your very own monster. This game play is much like that in Neopets. You will begin your quest by going to the adoption agency and choosing one of several new monsters. The more time you spend with your monster, the more your monster’s unique personality will develop and change. Your monster’s outcome will largely depend on how you treat the monster. For example, if you treat it well it will be a well-behaved pet, but if you do not treat it good you could have a mischievous devil on your hands. To ensure your Moshi Monster stays happy you will want to feed and play with it on a regular basis.

Moshi Monsters is free to play.

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