8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Cheery presentation.

Social dynamics are nearly nonexistent.

MySims takes your Sims experience to a new level, or even a new world. This does not mean that it is something far better, just that it is a huge jump from what you know with this game. You are going to be playing a game that is more similar to titles like Animal Crossing while still being different.

It is all about improving your own town and encouraging people to move in. If you have played The Sims on the console before, you know that taking a jump from the normal Sims life is to be expected for the console. On top of a different way to play, there is also a change in the art, making everything more cute and blocky.


Character creation is what most people love about The Sims. In MySims, there is not a lot to it, but it is still cute. You are going to be dressing up your own adorable character in whatever you want. There is a large selection of both masculine and feminine clothes and your MySims character can wear them all. A major reason for this is that there are no genders here. You dress your character up however you want to and start playing.

Building a home and workshop while decorating other homes is the main point of this game. Your task is to improve your town to encourage more people to move in. You are going to do this by having an appealing place to live, somewhere that will attract people. Build up your home, help people get furniture, and improve the appearance of their homes. Doing all of this will give people something to love and will encourage more people to visit, and possibly move to if you can make it happen, your town.


While building furniture and improving homes, you might want to begin adding in essences. An essence is an image that you can add to something to make it more attractive. There are various available, like an 8 ball, that you find through talking to people, mining, and other activities. When you find one, begin using it, but beware. Sims in this game have different personalities and some will like essences more than others. If you want it to work out, learn more about the various personalities in your town and use the essences that work best with them.

Some major changes from what you love about the original Sims games would be the socializing and way of living. In the PC games, you can do everything. You can make jokes, flirt, develop different types of relationships, and talk in numerous ways. On top of that, you have your basic needs, like hygiene, fun, social, environment, hunger, and bladder.


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To make sure that your Sims are doing well, you need all of this, socializing and needs. In MySims, there is not much to tell about those. You can talk to other Sims, of course, but it all comes down to doing the work that you went there to do.

While some of what you love is gone or severely limited, it is still an entertaining game overall. Fans of the title or games like Animal Crossing will enjoy what this has to offer.

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