7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Kids can learn about saving money and working towards a goal.

Some of the games encourage gambling.

Neopets is a fun, engaging website that is great for kids of all ages and families too. The site features many policies that are kid friendly, but parents will still want to take a closer look just to make sure the games are in line with family values. The game is free to register and once you are signed up, you can adopt up to four Neopets. What you choose to do next is completely up to you, but you can join a guild, run a shop, build Neohomes, or play games. This game has a lot of character tie-ins like trading cards, an upcoming movie, and stuffed animals.

General Gameplay

Neopia, the virtual world, is filled with a collection of weird-looking animals called Neopets. You will notice that the pets look like other animals you are familiar with such as dogs, unicorns, snakes, and more. As a registered player you can adopt up to four Neopets to take care of. The funny thing is that even though the virtual world looks like something made for small children, it was actually created for college students. In the end, the site is great for people of all ages, young and old.

Things you can do

You will like the Neopets site largely because it has so many activities you can do there. Outside of feeding your pets, there is nothing else you actually need to do on the site. While some users decide to spend all their time decorating or building their pets a home, other players choose to compete in battles and train their pets. If you are a pet owner who is entrepreneurial-minded you can choose to earn money by building shops and playing games to earn more money (NPs or Neopoints). Once you earn enough NPs you can use the shop to buy clothing, furniture, or books for your adopted pets.

Here is a list of common activities you will enjoy doing on Neopets:

  • Playing games
  • Battling other pets
  • Solving puzzles
  • Collecting objects
  • Decorating and building homes for your pets
  • Earning money
  • Get hired at a job
  • Play in the stock market
  • Join a group of people with common interests called a guild

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Neopets and Child Safety

As children and adults share this virtual world, there are safeguards that were put in place for your parents to see what you are doing. If you are under 13 years of age you will be restricted from accessing specific features like the forums and messaging system. Additionally, Neopets limits the information that is actually collected from you as a child and they also encourage your parents to talk about Internet safety with you.

In the end, this game was launched in 1999, so if you haven’t played it yet, you are really missing out on the content rich and super detailed free MMO that has so many people playing. The virtual world of Neopia will draw you in with the non-stop battles and over 150 games you can play. Neopets has something to offer to everyone, so regardless how old you are, sign up and start playing today!

Neopets is free to play.

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