Oh My Dollz

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

There are lots of items and customization options.

Limited language support.

Oh My Dollz is a social game that is more than just a simple deco and fashion game. Instead, this game embodies the player and allows you to experience adventures vicariously through your doll as you would in real life.

When you play Oh My Dollz you can customize your doll with many options including eyes, hair, skin color, eyebrows, nose, blush, shadows, manicure, mascara, and eyeliner. You will love the fact that you can change the appearance of your doll at any moment.

My Doll and her Style

You are given access to nearly 30 stores where you can dress your dolls in nearly any style you can think of. Each store has categories such as dresses, shirts, shoes, pants, etc. The game allows you to create a unique personalized style for both your doll and her loft. Since the doll is an interior designer, you are given access to specialized stores for items like windows, wallpaper, plants, etc.

This free MMORPG is fun for decorating and flirting in a virtual world. The game is mainly focused on customization and socialization as the game has features for both things. When you join this game, you are joining thousands of other players around the world so make sure your avatar and apartment are super unique. Oh My Dollz features a special customization mechanic that simply requires you to click and drag so you can express individuality in many different ways.

General Gameplay

Regardless if you create a female or a male avatar, there are literally hundreds of items you can purchase for you avatar; each item is placed manually on your doll. There are tens of items for different parts of your doll’s body such as skirts, accessories, hairstyles, dresses, makeup, and much more. After you choose what your avatar will wear, you can mix, match, or combine whatever you wish to help create your unique appearance. If you do choose to mix and match, it lets you further define your unique fashion sense by combining many different clothing items or hairstyle with one outfit that is unique.

Your Dollz Apartment

The same amount of high quality customization is included in the aspect of your apartment also on Oh My Dollz. You are given your own personal space in which you can decorate, hang out, or just invite friends over to hang out. When you begin your apartment is rather empty. However, there are thousands of items you can purchase which will give your place a personal touch. The game uses the same system for the apartment decorating as it does to customize your avatar. In other words, you can combine looks to make your room and apartment unlike all others.

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In Oh My Dollz you can build anything from a gorgeous New York skyline high-rise to a resort shack that is beach side. Your imagination is the only thing that limits your apartment design.

So- what are you still waiting for? Sign up for free now so you can begin creating your own unique avatar in which you can use thousands of items to customize. In addition, there are lots of decorating items that you can use to pimp out your home. Best of all, you will love socializing with friends all over the world while playing Oh My Dollz.

In the end, this browser-based MMORPG will let you create and customize a unique avatar. So, don’t wait any longer, give Oh My Dollz a try, and you will be happy you did so!

Oh My Dollz is free to play.

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