Our World

9.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

This is one of the most entertaining Virtual Worlds for tweens!

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Our World is especially suitable for tweens –  at just about any time of the day, there are large groups of tweens exploring, commenting one another’s outfits and befriending each other in the various social and gaming lounges offered by this virtual world.

Interacting with other players is made really easy in Our World. You can choose to whisper to another player, talk out loud to them or invite them to be your friend and email them through your in game inbox. Yes, you get your own private email inbox where you can send and receive messages to any other player! This is where you also receive challenges and other in game information.

Mini Games

There are more than 50 different games available within Our World, ranging from the standard-yet-fun eight and nine-ball pool to variations on Bejeweled and straight-up action games and shooters. Even if you can only play the initial 20 stages in Around The World, a puzzler based on the famous 80-day journey of Phileas Fogg, you can quickly move on to other fun alternatives.

By playing flash mini games within Our World, you fill up your Flow meter on the bottom left of the screen. Each time the meter fills up, you gain Flow points which serve as credits in The Prize Wheel and The Bubbler which are simple games where you can exchange their Flow for experience, clothing and coins. What makes OurWorld so fun is that the mini games in it are all extremely high quality.


Each player in Our World has a Condo that he or she can begin decorating right away. The game’s housing system is very in depth, as there are literally hundreds of different kinds of furniture players can use to furnish their homes. Since players have the ability to place each individual piece of furniture exactly where they want, you have total freedom in how they chose to customize your virtual home.

Outside of each player’s Condo is a Critter Garden where you can raise animals in order to sell them for profit in the future. By purchasing and placing eggs inside of nests, you can eventually sell hatched critters for a profit.


In the process of exchanging Flow for experience, you will also be rewarded with random amounts of coins and items. Coins can be spent in the game’s mall to purchase various items from clothing to furniture for your in game condo.

This game has enormous amount of items for sale in its store. There are literally hundreds of different shirts, pants and accessories. The best part is that most of these items can be purchased with the in game currency – coins. Players who don’t want to accumulate the necessary coins to buy some of the spiffy new clothes can use the game’s premium currency “Diamonds”, which can be purchased for cash. The “mall” in Our World has dozens of stores for players to explore as well as an international market, which acts as the game’s auction house where you can buy and sell items to other players.

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Our World is a really fun place to hangout and chat with other players in a unique and far more exciting way as opposed to traditional game websites. It has incredible amount of content especially suited for tweens. We would say OurWorld is the best virtual hangout that we have seen so far.

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