Pet City

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

The more time you spend with your pet, the more you can earn great stuffs including new pets, play sets, accessories, and more.

There are a few bugs in the game.

This one is for the pet lovers. Wouldn’t you simply love a game that is all about pets? Well, presenting Pet City – a world of pets!

In the game you will have a very cute pet shop. It is literally cuteness overkill and that will keep you hooked to it for hours. You can choose any pet you want based on your choices. The game has four settings to choose from. You should play mini-game in this game to care for your pets. Alongside, you should play with your pets for fun and entertainment.


You will be rewarded highly throughout the game. As you care for your pet, you will win coins and experience. From time to time you will also win bonus items. In exchange of these items, you can buy toys for your pet. To spend time, you can meet more avatars and have fun. Meeting avatars will also reward you. The rewards include pogo sticks and light sabers.

You will see that the game is actually very attractive and cute. The cuteness is consistent through the end. The style of the in-app store is also very adorable. You have many choices such as pink and contemporary to decorate the house and your avatar.


Each day, you should go shopping. It is literally a spree because you will be given about 2000 coins and only five minutes. Then you will be set loose to shop! These coins are sufficient to buy the smaller items.

To take care of your pet, you should cook and feed him. The virtual currency will come into play here because you will need to purchase the ingredients for pet food using it. After you cook the food and feed your pet, you will win great rewards.


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This game is cute, entertaining, fun, attractive, and versatile. This makes it a complete package, which every pet lover must try!

Pet City is free to play.

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