Pet Society

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Variety of fun interactive pet activities.

Limited social interaction while visiting neighbors.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Free Realms, check out the Virtual Pet Worlds category.

If you ever wanted to live in a society where you spend all day having with pets, then Pet Society might be the game that catches your interest. It is all about you and the pets, and the world in which you live. You will be having fun with customization and mini games, as well as so much more.

You have your own home, you can have more pets, and you have an entire city to go out and explore. You can even speak to your neighbors, who are real friends of yours. This gives you the chance to constantly expand upon your own world, have fun, socialize, and do more. You can do so much in this little world of yours already, and that will only continue and grow with time.


You start off with your own pet. This is not going to be the same basic pet as everyone else, however. Yours is going to be unique and personalized because you have the opportunity to customize it. You can make it look like an animal version of you or an animal that you simply like.

This gives you the chance to have something that no one else does, and to enjoy this game just a little more. Besides the basic appearance, there are also clothes. Now, these are not your basic white tee and jeans clothes. You have a massive selection, and even more within the town itself, available to you for your pet. You will be able to clothe them and have them look their best at all times.


This is not a customization game, however. This has much more and gives you the chance to have fun at all times. The mini games available are exciting and get you interested in the game a little more. You will be able to get into the competitive spirit while growing your game account. This is because, as you play, you will be earning coins and points. You will be leveling up and making it possible to grow your pet and town.

The coins that you earn can be used to buy more things. This will help you to decorate your home, buy toys, do gardening, buy more clothes, and so many other possibilities. This is how you expand upon the fun that you are already having with Pet Society. You have a lot of items available for sale, which makes it easy to find something that you like.


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As you explore the town, you will see the many options available for you. You will be able to do more than you can with many other gaming options, especially the Facebook games that are similar to this. Pet Society takes something that you thought that you knew and changes it. You have a massive world ahead of you, one that can grow and become what you like.

Since this is a Facebook game, you can enjoy it with your friends. They will be your neighbors and you can have fun with and visit them. Tell them of what you have done and see their progress.

Pet Society is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Free Realms, check out the Virtual Pet Worlds category.


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