Petra’s Planet

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Strong educational element.

Some items can only be purchased with real money.

Education, safety, and entertainment come together in a wonderful way with Petra’s Planet. Here, you have the opportunity to explore and play in a way that is safe and highly beneficial. You can learn through mini games, talking, and looking around the four countries available.

Since you can choose what you do and there is a lot available to you, having fun is going to be easy for you. There is also a large community of other players available, allowing you to have fun and make friends. With restricted chat, there are not going to be any fears about poor language or bad behaviour. This is something that you can trust and something that you can enjoy.

Petra’s Planet12_

When you begin, you are going to be able to choose your character. There are a few available for both girls and boys, allowing you to choose something that closely matches you. You can choose the name, as well, and even change the style later on into the game. This will help you to personalize this and have a little more fun as a whole.

Diversity is the big focus here. When you play, you are going to be able to explore and learn more about other countries, like Sri Lanka. Learning about these countries helps you to understand and respect the differences. You will be able to learn about climate, animals, and other facts surrounding the specific countries through exploring and playing.

Petra’s Planet8_

Talk to people and begin to understand more about the world as a whole. This will help you to learn more about what is out there and what makes certain countries the way that they are.

Games are available, of course. There are numerous mini games available that are entertaining as well as educational. This brings them both together in a way that is perfect for younger audiences, all without sacrificing quality in either. You will be able to grow and understand more about the world around you without becoming bored. This is a great way to learn in a way that works and is fun.

Petra’s Planet6_

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There is a community around you. This community is large and has plenty of players with whom you can play and explore. They are there to learn, as well, so take advantage of this. Make friends and have fun with people, something that is possible for everyone. With the pre-scripted chat, there are not going to be any worries regarding dangerous behaviour or chat. There is no free chat available at any moment, creating something that is safe for everyone to play.

Petra’s Planet gives you the chance to learn and have fun in a way that truly works. You will be able to enjoy this with your own character and learn more about the world around you. With how big this planet is, learning about it can be an adventure on its own. To help you along, there is a community with a safe, pre-scripted chat available. Enjoy them and see what is out there for you to experience.

Petra’s Planet is free to play.

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