Pixie Hollow

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Decorate your own home.

Appeal limited to young girls.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Pixie Hollow, check out the Fashion Worlds and Pet Worlds category.

In real life, it is difficult to become a real fairy unless you are using your imagination, wit, and creativity. While reality puts restrictions on what you can do, the virtual world sets you free. Pixie Hollow is a perfect example of how much you can do when your options are nearly limitless. You get to become your own fairy, play mini games, and explore the world around you, earning in game money and medals. You will be able to meet friends and have fun, all while flying and doing things that are only possible in a game like this. Disney gives you the chance to experience life like one of Tinker Bell’s friends and fairies in Pixie Hollow, full of the magic and dreams that you expect from this company.


Your fairy is going to be yours, which means that it can look the way that you want it to. You will be able to customize your fairy and change its appearance to match your own, or whatever you like. Since this is a virtual world, the customization does not have to stop there. You will be able to customize your fairy further later on in the game when you make some money from the games. This will help you to buy accessories and items so that your fairy looks stunning. Since one of the games gives you the chance to window shop and try things on, you can even have fun and see what the different items are like before buying. Your creativity can really flow with Pixie Hollow and all of the options available.


As stated, you are going to be playing mini games for in game money. These are fun and most people will be able to play them with ease. As long as you follow the given instructions, having fun and being successful with each game is easy.

Of course, there is more to do with this game. You are going to be travelling around Pixie Hollow and learning more about the world here. You will be able to see the different areas and learn more about everything that you see. As you explore, you will learn and know more about this game and Pixie Hollow as a whole.


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You are not exploring on your own, however. This game gives you the chance to see and meet friends, which makes it much more fun. You will be able to do things in groups and enjoy more of everything that you see. The other fairies are kids just like you, and they will make every experience grander than ever before.

As you continue to do more throughout the game, you will be awarded medals. From a medal for exploring as a new fairy to a medal for meeting new friends, you will be able to collect one for everything that you do. The achievements and medals in this game make it great for people who like to collect and want to be at the top. You will be able to gather and have quite a lot with this game and all of the collectables available.

Pixie Hollow is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Pixie Hollow, check out the Fashion Worlds and Pet Worlds category.


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