8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of game modes.

Repetitive gameplay.

The elite 3D dancing game, ShowUp used to be referred to as ‘5Street’.  This game distinguishes itself from the competition because it offers an immense world where you can explore and interact with your surroundings. ShowUp is actually a dancing MMO combined with a social MMO because there are also many other activities that do not relate to dancing.

Though the name 5Street was changed in America, the game kept the name ‘HighSteet5’ for its fans in Asia. This dancing MMO is 3D and begins to move a direction that other traditional games haven’t, and this is to allow you to do whatever you want to do. What this means is that it offers you a world that is unrelenting where you can dance casually wherever you want, or in lobby-based games that are competitive and have rules. However, since competitions and matches are not specifically defined, you can start or stop dancing in the middle of a song if you want. If you would rather just practice, you will find many solo dance halls in the world that are perfect for this.

In ShowUp you can dance alone, in couples or in groups; whatever you wish! ShowUp’s core gameplay is similar to that of other MMOs related to dancing, but here you are offered much more than dancing. In other words, in ShowUp you can also interact, explore or dance wherever you wish!

Game Synopsis

You will love to dress up, socialize, and dance while listening to music with all of your friends in the free online 3D game ShowUp. Join ShowUp and then create an avatar to use while exploring the lush virtual world with thousands of other people from across the world.


To dance in ShowUp you will make use of your keyboard’s directional arrows and spacebar. You can also use the corresponding numerical keys to use for performing stunts or using special items while you are dancing. In terms of dance music, you can jam to hit songs that are broadcasting live or you can request songs to any dance hall you want to dance at.

In ShowUp you will choose from three different game modes: one person (Single), pairs of two in Lovers, and Group where you can have from three to five people. You are given a score for each completed dance. Obviously, the better you are at dancing, the higher the score you will receive. The game will then tally your score into currency in which you can use to buy in-game items.

Special Features


You have access to a contemporary wardrobe that is just like real-life that is made-up of dresses, shirts, bracelets, earrings, and other items to help make your avatar look sexy, smart, silly or cool.


In ShowUp you will have fun dancing with your special someone, in a large group of friends, or even by yourself in the world’s 30 dance halls. Each dance hall features its own uniquely designed theme. For example, you will find urban street or rooftop dancing, among many others.


Socialize and meet people from all over in the virtual world of ShowUp. You will have a lot of fun chatting with other dancers face-to-face in video chat, wherever you are in the world; in fact, the game even has dance halls that are dedicated to video-chat. The friend system inside the game makes it simple to track your close friends and strangers.

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You can relax and hang with your friends while listening to the most popular songs out in one of ShowUp’s 30 dance clubs. ShowUp keeps in sync with top music charts from all over the world to bring you the hottest songs to their playlists.

Community Section

ShowUp’s community section is both welcoming and very friendly. Additionally, the community is super active to help keep the atmosphere safe and enjoyable for players of all ages.

The Digital Store and Earning Cash Points

ShowUp’s in-game currency is called Cash Points. Cash Points can be turned into the digital store for virtual items you can use around the world. In addition, if you’re not earning points fast enough to buy something; you can buy them using PayPal instead. In the digital store you will find tons of super trendy items such as clothing and other accessories for your avatar.

ShowUp is free to play.

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