8.2 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 8/10

Never ending list of activities

Easy to loose track of time

Smeet 3D Chat, originated from Berlin, Germany, is a free-to-play browser-based fictional massively multiplayer online game featuring a free-than-ever virtual community for players to make acquaintances, shoot the breeze, dress up characters, furnish houses, watching cool video clips, pit each other in min-games and branch out for excitement . Nothing is deemed impossible in this imaginary world as long as you want it to happen. So much fun is here waiting for you to discover.

The thing about SMeet 3D is that you are saved of the trouble of downloading the game and can simply have a full- screen playing experience for free.

Still wondering what you could do in SMeet 3D Chat? Remember what the game is about and then you will know the list for fun is endless. First of all, pick up a character prototype you like and then try your best to spruce it up in a unique way, so that when among the peers, your avatar can shine like a star. How to do this? Don’t worry about ever running out of clothes, make-ups or hairstyles. Here at Smeet 3D Chat , Fashion options ranging from ready-to-wear to street trend are available, which means your avatar can look either like a rock-and-roll star from US or a cutest girl next door. It’s any way all up to you.

For those who always like to arrange their home to delight their eyes but are constrained from doing so for one reason or another, Smeet 3D Chat do offer you the opportunity to throw away any eyesores anytime you want and to put home accents at any place you like. You can have luxury home furnishings at your disposal and decorate idealized houses to live in.

Having a problem talking with people in real life? Smeet 3D Chat saves you that embarrassment of blushing out every time speaking to people of opposite sex and offers you the safest strategy to just have some conventionally small talk with a few friends . But if your social skills get sharpened and you want to go further, then don’t hesitate to strike out to meet people from all over the world, chatting, flirting, even hanging out or partying with them.

Apart from these, a bunch of other activities are going on in the game such as shopping in the biggest mall, listening and dancing to funky music, watching videos of different contents or having a blast with friends. Gameplay, though not a focus in the game, do offers you simple fun with many mini-games to choose from.

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Free 3D environment is available here for you to experience realistic community life and at the same time to get the fun only existing in a virtual reality.

Sharpening your look, furnishing your home, and get ready to have a fling with people around the globe!

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