8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Intuitive and comprehensive customization tools.

Individual gameplay elements are extremely simple.

Spore is finally here after so much anticipation! Spore is a game about appearance and evolution form a single-celled organism or ‘spore’ to a very intelligent being that has its eye on the entire galaxy! The game is simple and exciting but does it live up to the expectations people have from Will Wright who created The Sims and SimCity? You will soon find out.

In the beginning, you will see a welcome screen that is very light and simple. You will have three options to choose from and they are Play, Create, and Share. The Create option will specifically delight you because it helps you set your imagination loose. You can mold your character as and how you want without constraints.


The tools in this option are easy to use and you can create whatever you want very easily. Once you create your character, you can choose the Share option to let others know of your creation through the Internet using the sporepedia.

To enter the game, you should choose Play and your journey will begin. You start off as a single celled organism and you need to eat continuously to live. At the same time you should protect yourself so that other creatures don’t eat you up. The next stage, the Creature stage is very thrilling as you enter land from the tidal pool.


It may be simple but it is enticing. You can roam in the land and discover new things. That will give you accessories and abilities to use to your advantage.

Once you have a developed brain, you can discover tools. The Tribal stage begins when you form a tribe. The game play is excellent and you will be absorbed in the game for sure. You should use various weapons to kill off attacking species and to survive successfully.


For more screenshots, click here.

Once you are successful, you will enter the next stage, which is the Civilization stage. Now your aim is to dominate the world. Your previous choices will determine whether you are an Economic, Militaristic, or Religious city. You should fight against other cities to win and you can use warfare, trade routes, vehicles, etc.

The last stage is the Space stage, which begins when you conquer the entire world. You start a space program and enter the galactic community. Again, you should aim to expand your branches into the space by contact aliens, befriending them, fighting the enemies, and so on.

Spore is free to play.

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