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Kids can safely hang out, chat, play mini flash games and learn while having fun.

Few other bonuses are only available to premium members.

Sqwishland is a virtual world online that helps encourage your active imagination. With Sqwishland you are able to create your own unique avatar to explore the world and safely meet friends from all over the world as you care for your own pet Sqwishlander and take part in endless quests. However – watch out for the evil Sqwabbles as they try to paint Sqwishland with a bad name.

Through the game you will collect money called Sqwash; you will mainly collect the money either through purchasing it separately, signing-up for a membership, or frequently visiting Sqwishland. Sqwash is great because it allows you to buy costumes for your avatar, care or feed for your pet Sqwishlander, play elite games, and even buy some scuba gear for yourself and take a swim in Sqwishland’s deep blue ocean.

How Sqwishland Works

Sqwishland is a massive virtual world multiplayer game that uses a collection of toys called Sqwishlanders that can be bought in vending machines. The figurines which are shaped like little animals come with codes that you can use online to unlock in-world features and are priced affordably compared to other toys that are for a virtual world.

Before you begin exploring you can customize your avatar or decorate your house. Once you are done with that, you can set out to play mini-games and complete quests to earn Sqwishcash that you can use to shop for new items. All of the mini-games are flash based and you can even use your Sqwishlander to interact in the games while you play and learn.

In the virtual world, you can also chat while you play with fellow friends and players as you play games using your avatar or Sqwishlander.


SqwishHome is where you will find all the items you have found in Sqwishland. Once you are outside of your SqwishHome you can also see the various Sqwishland Characters you have earned. When you click on each character, you can choose which pet you would like to follow your avatar. When you are inside your SqwishHome you can see your inventory b clicking on the inventory icon. This will open an area where you can decide which house you want to use (this will only work if you’ve purchased or won new SqwishHomes) and also what Avatar costumes you own.

Besides having the inside and outside of your home, you also have access to your Aquarium. You can reach the aquarium by clicking the button that says “Aquarium” that is located near the bottom on the right-hand side of your screen. In the aquarium you can see all of your Aqua Sqwishland Characters. Much like the outside of your SqwishHome, you can select one of your Aqua characters by clicking on it to follow you, instead of a land pet, if you would like.

All of this may sound like a lot to a new-comer, however after you log-in for the first time you will be guided through a player tutorial that will show you how to use your avatar and complete basic game tasks. If you choose, you can skip the tutorial, but keep in mind that simply completing the tutorial will be an easy way to earn Sqwash, gain XP points, and level up.

The Chatterbox

On the lower portion of your game screen you will see the Chatterbox. This is place where you will locate and talk to fellow players who are online. For your convenience, you will see that on the bottom left of the screen there are quick messaging buttons which are helpful as they are default templates with common chatting words. You simply click the down arrow at the top of the game screen to see your chat messages in which you will notice looks like a typical messenger system.

For more screenshots, click here.

Playing Sqwishland Mini-Games

When you are ready to play Sqwishland mini-games you simply click the special characters and items around Sqwishland. Once you find what you want to play, simply click the PLAY button and a game launcher will immediately open. Keep in mind that some games may require you to own special items that were gained from quests or specific types of characters.

Buying Items and Gaining New Characters

You can purchase items, avatars, or SqwishHomes by entering the Shop. Once you are here, you will see the Shop Panel which will tell you what merchandise is available in that specific Sqwishland Area. After you have enough Sqwash, you can also buy new Sqwishland characters in addition to pets and other items. In the Shop and SqwishGallery you can rotate items and read full descriptions before purchasing. In the end, you will love earning Sqwash so you can spend it here!

Sqwishland is free to play.

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