The Sims Social

9.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

In-depth social interactions.

Character customization could be better.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

The 3D life simulation game The Sims Social was based off of the ever-popular Sims games. This game allows you to create and control your very own avatar within a world that is unique. You can customize your avatar’s traits, appearance or skills. In addition, you can take part in many activities such as decorating, shopping, planting a garden, visiting friends or much more. The idea of the game is to become social with friends and neighbors; with these people you can create different relationships. For example you can become enemies, best friends or even romantic partners. This game allows you to live life the way you have always dreamed!


The social life simulation MMO, The Sims Social, brings a hugely popular game series to Facebook. In this game you get to control your own avatar to live a life as extravagant or simple as you wish. Similar to other games such as CityVille or YoVille, you get to literally create your own world. In other words, you can get a job, go shopping to buy elaborate home items or even expand your virtual home by building additional rooms on. Or if you are more of an outdoors person you can plant your very own garden where you can grow flowers or vegetables, pull weeds from your yard or even mow the grass. You will have a blast dancing, relaxing, cooking, flirting, fighting and joking around with your neighbors – both enemies and friends. With this game the possibilities really are endless.


Beginning Gameplay

This browser based version of the popular Sims game allows you to begin by choosing your character’s appearance, skills, personality and traits. For example, when it comes to skills you can learn and advance your character in writing, art, cooking and music, among others. You can choose from traits such as ogre, insane, night owl, great kisser and so on. Finally, the personality type options are creative, romantic, socialite, villain, romantic and many more.

General Gameplay

This version of the Sims is much like other versions you will remember. Here you get to make friends, create fully customizable Sims avatars, build and decorate your home, etc. Here you will find that the friends to your Sims are your real-life friends and more, the further you play in the game. This game is great to allow you a safe place to build the perfect home for your character before you unleash their ambitions and allow them to advance in a dream job. Here you must control every aspect of the avatar’s life including cleanliness, hunger, making friends, playing nice or mean and their entire social life as a whole. The best thing about this version of The Sims is that it is 100% free!


The new take on the Sims is fun because you are free to customize your person as much as you want, if you have enough money. Much like the original series, this game requires you to move your character through series of activities in their home. You will find that although this is simply an internet game, it opens up many opportunities for you to have fun.

First, consider how you will take care of your character’s basic needs like social interactions, hygiene, huger, entertainment and the like. Each of these activities is easy to set-up as you simply click the icon and choose the action. Once you get a little further into the game you will need to accomplish quests. These quests can range from activities that are easy to complete, but can also become more difficult. Furthermore, some of these quests require friends to help you.


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The truth is that once you get into the virtual world you will find it to be populated with avatars that end up being your acquaintance or friend. In fact, there is even a chance you will know one of your virtual neighbors in your real life. While playing this title you will want to make sure you keep adding friends to your list as you will need to employ their help when it comes to asking for products or accomplishing quests. The best thing is that even when you are away, the interactions between friends will ensue because your friends are able to visit your virtual home at any moment; this means they can help you by fixing a broken item or perform an act of meanness on your home. However, you will notice that even when you are away the attributes of your avatar will decrease little bits at a time

As far as the game’s economy is concerned, The Sims Social is slightly more generous than you first think. More specifically, for each action you perform you receive points which can help you recover from energy drains. Aside from this, the game also made use of the traditional Simoleons which you can use to buy furniture, clothing or other accessories from the in-game store. You also have the opportunity to earn experience points which are great for increasing your avatar’s levels; you collect these from accomplishing special actions. If you are looking for a gaming pleasure that’s long-term, then it is a good idea for you to go ahead and buy extra traits for your avatar. Actually, you will find up to six features that you can gradually increase while using the points.

The Sims Social is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.


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