Virtual Families

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Works in real time and many character combinations.

Need to install the free rides player, which has ads, unless you pay not to have it.

Described as the best dollhouse you can possibly imagine, the game Virtual Families is a real-time family sim. You will find that the game’s setting is a 2 bedroom home that is completely furnished and includes a bathroom, kitchen, home office, laundry room, living room, separate workshop, and a garden. The layout has family written all over it as you will find a sandbox outside and bunk beds in the spare bedroom.

Beginning Game Play – Attributes and Training

You begin the game by “adopting” a character, either male or female, that you want to grow and nurture. Most people choose to start with younger characters who want to have children. Otherwise, if you choose to start with an older character you can always adopt children. One of the best things about Virtual Families is that you can create any type of family you wish including single parenting ones or other non-traditional types.

In the beginning when you are building your virtual person, you will need to make several choices outside of age or orientation. You will also make choices regarding your character’s attributes which will affect how the rest of your game turns out. So, the game creator’s have made adopting a sim very easy, you simply look through a selection of already-created people each of which have individual likes and dislikes, appearance, salary, profession, and opinion on children. You will find that the child preference is one of a certain importance. Although you can still have a child even if your couple does not want children, but this will require a lot of extra work on your part to keep the people happy. So, remember choose your person carefully because it will determine how your virtual family will turn out.

The next step once you have adopted a person is for them to move into their home where you will immediately begin to show your person where things are and how to do some things. You will also need to show your person what his or her profession is; for example, whether that is in the outside shop, computer room, or the kitchen. In addition, you need to teach your person what behaviors are acceptable or not. To do so, you have access to two paddles – one of which is to praise and the other is to punish.

Marriage Requests and Children

As you get into Virtual Families, you will begin to receive requests for marriage from random suitors. You will see that each suitor has individual views, likes and dislikes, professions, views on children, and other attributes. The most important thing is that you overlook the big, fat bank account and choose the person who best suits your character regardless of how tempting the well-paying career is that the other person has.

The choice to remain single or accept a marriage proposal is yours, but you will need to begin thinking if you want to grow your family or not. First, if you remain single, you will be given the chance down the road to become a single parent through adoption. However, if you choose the route towards marriage, you can try to have a baby at any point in time you choose. Just remember that there are factors involved in the child-birthing process such as the mood of both parents, how long ago you were pregnant, and so on. Although there is not a 100% guarantee you will create offspring, the process is usually successful. Once your child is born, the mother is in control of the baby for the first few months, and after that the child becomes another member of the family who needs to be behaviorally-shaped just like the parents once were.

Your children remain with you until they are right around 18 years of age at which time the child goes off to college. When it is time for your current generation to move on, you are given the option to pass your assets and home on to your children. Once you choose to pass on your possessions, the children move in the home and the game cycle starts over again. You can access the Family Screen at any time which allows you to track numerous generations of people who have lived in your home. It is fun to see just how many generations you can create!

Activities, Chores, and other Game Play Features

Upon beginning the game, you will see that there are a number of repairs to make around your home that will continue over the course of the game. In fact, you will notice almost immediately that the floor has sections that are in disrepair, as well as several other issues like a leaky garden hose outside or the fact that the door to the garden shed does not have a handle. Most of the problems that come up will require you to buy tools or other items to resolve the issue. Throughout the course of the game you will need to buy items, so choosing a good career is of the utmost importance. You can also use the money you earn to purchase upgrades for your home like flat-screen TVs, bathroom fixtures, etc.

What you will like the most is feeling as if you are really taking care of yourself. During the game, you must purchase items such as food, clothing, pets, medicine, furniture, and other necessities to ensure good health and happiness for your person. Additionally, your sim is able to do many tasks like check email, cook, clean the house, do laundry, fill the refrigerator, watch TV, read a book, simple household repairs, and so on. If you leave the screen static for too long, your people will tap the screen to get your attention.

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In the end, you will have a blast creating your own virtual family and become addicted to the game in no time. Just remember that Virtual Families will continue to run even when you do not have the game open. This is actually a very important part of the game play because your family continues to evolve even when you are not there. Don’t worry though because your family can survive a few days with no interaction from you as long as you leave enough food for them to eat while you are gone. On the other hand, if you are going to be on a week’s hiatus or longer, you are advised to pause your game before quitting so you don’t come back to a house full of skeletons!

Virtual Families is free to play.

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