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Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Kids can participate in KinzChat, which is a controlled, pre-scripted chat that prevents kids from sharing personal information.

The ads for Webkinz products and other third-party ads are all over the place.

Webkinz is a 3D simulation of real life, but in the form of virtual pets. In this game you can adopt such creatures or animals, and then take care of them to earn money and a better social life. Taking part in shows or pop quizzes, playing mini games and doing routine tasks are great ways to make more money so you can hang out with friends and throw fun parties.


Unlike games where you can only engage in certain daily activities, Webkinz gives you access to a bunch of situations like throwing parties, doing your hair, going to doctor check-ups, buying real estate, going to shows and much more. This game offers endless activities, so you will never get bored!


Your Webkinz virtual pets are the main focus of the game; therefore, you must make sure to take extra good care of them. Every detail like grooming, walking, bathing and feeding are up to you. Such activities can prove to be time-consuming. However it won’t take long for you to catch on and learn the best ways to be a caregiver.

Regardless how many real-life aspects are in this world, there are still plenty of quests and games you can try. You are automatically invited to try numerous mini-games where you will collect jewellery, recipes and costumes as you play.


Are you one of those people who do not like games too focused on competition? Well, at Webkinz you can earn your own way in this community by taking part in things like doing house work, grocery shopping or caring for pets.

The fact is that you will have a blast taking part in family parties and friend’s get-togethers. You can even decorate your own home and garden and have your friends all join in for some fun at your place if you would like!


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Game Features:

  • The primary goal in Webkinz is to care for your pets. However, you will need to get support financially to do so.
  • The game features many social activities that range from public to household events. Simply choose one and join in the fun!
  • Your abilities do not have limits in this community. You can be whoever you choose to be. For instance, you can try out at a talent show, have a scout spot you and become an overnight sensation.
  • Just make sure to play games and explore the community if you find the game too quiet; doing so will add thrill to the game.

In the end, Webkinz is a fun social game no matter what you like or who you are!

Webkinz is free to play.

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