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Gameplay: 7/10
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Many educational components within the game.

The chat is not monitored 24/7.

WhyVille is an online world where girls and boys join from around the world to learn, play, have fun and chat with one another. WhyVille offers all kinds of activities such as playing games and earning clams, customizing your face, going to town events and hanging with friends at the beach, among many others. In this game you can even purchase a car and go for a ride in it with your friends, begin your own business, take a helicopter tour of the world or even become a writer for the town paper.

This is a great world for Tweens and teens alike.

WhyVille has so many things to do, places to go and people to meet. It has its very own senators, beach, museum, newspaper, town square, City hall, suburbia and overall economy. And so much more!

WhyVille is an educational site and a game.


This world was based off extensive research conducted by a company, mixed with practical experience with simple science learning. What the research found was that while you are in middle school, you begin to lose interest in science and math; this is especially true for girls. This study suggested that if you are exposed to scientific activities and other engaging education material during this time, it can have a major influence on your career and future academic choices.

This world features endless learning games.

While visiting WhyVille you can learn about journalism, history, civics, science, economics and more. The game’s developers work directly with NASA, the Getty, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the School Nutrition Association and so on to bring you comprehensive educational content in an amazingly engaging way. You will find countless activities and learning games in Whyville.


This game can be described as a free site that is focused on bringing learning through communication and exploration. For this reason the game offers many role-playing and other game opportunities that help you learn about certain topics. This is one of the very first virtual simulation worlds that is dedicated to learning, and it has played a key role in shaping how the internet impacts education.


The Economy

One of the biggest features of this game is the economy. It was also one of the first sites to use an internal type of vitural currency. They call their currency clams, and a huge trade system is built around it.

You will earn clams by taking part in certain activities. For example you can play games, answer questions, help other players and much more. After you have saved enough clams, you can begin a store and sell face parts or graphics that you create for use in other player’s cars, homes or avatars.

Clams can be used to buy many things such as: furniture, clothing, homes, cars or face parts for your avatar. The buying and selling of clams has helped make the game feature a thriving virtual economy.


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Another popular feature of this world is that you can select players to be senators who then teach other users about the electoral process, attend concerts by popular acts like the Cheetah Girls or the Jonas Brothers or read the newspaper that’s put together with stories submitted by other members.

In the end, this is a great place to learn and have fun at the same time! The best part is that the material taught is created by well-respected professionals, so you can be sure the information you learn is correct!

WhyVille is free to play.

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