8.6 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay:: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10

Geared specifically to tweens

Limited gameplay features

WoozWorld is one of the newest and most visually appealing web based social games. Like previous social games, WoozWorld is aimed at young children and offers a safe virtual environment for players to hang out and chat. Gameplay features are thin, but players can customize their own ‘unitz’ using a variety of furniture and other items collected across the game world. While WoozWorld encourages player-generated content, there are a number of official regions known as ‘Nationz’ that players can explore: Mystic Alley, Colony V, Lib Street, Cortozza.

Woozworld has creative functionalities as well as hundreds of games based on popular childrens’ TV series.

In Woozworld, every child can:

• Create and customize his/her Woozen with accessories
• Create his/her Unitz and transform the world
• Vote for the best Unitz and Woozen
• Play and view hundreds of games and videos (by territory)
• Communicate and start Spellz battles with others players and friends
• Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions
• Earn Beex and Wooz to buy objects
• Participate in Woozworld’s animations
• As well as many more free benefits
• Your child’s online safety is our main priority
• Woozworld is a safe environment
• Personal information is protected
• Conforms to “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” norms

For more screenshots, click here.

WoozWorld is free to play.

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