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Customizing your world is easy.

Few activities.

Worlize is not just a 2D social gaming platform but also a chat platform integrated with numerous social networks including the famous Twitter, Facebook, OpenSocial, and MySpace. You can interact very esaily in this game and playing is simply seamless! You will adore how everything is so easy and smooth.

The game is completely social in that it allows you to invite your friends using Twitter and Facebook. You are also free to upload clips on YouTube. You have the choice of being your own avatar through your webcam. Interesting, isn’t it?

Recently, the Chat Now badge was added to this game. You can use it on your blog after creating your own world in Worlize. Its working is simple. Whoever clicks on the Chat Now badge on your blog will be transferred to your world! You will also have information of the number of people in your world.


There are numerous features for you to explore such as those mentioned below:

  1. Upload whatever you wish to.
  2. Choose from your own images and photos to use in your world.
  3. Customize your entire world seamlessly.
  4. Upload props, objects, and avatars – it is all upto you!
  5. Contact others with ease.

The fact that this fun game is absolutely free is the icing on the cake.

You are free to get creative in this game and is easily the best part. There are numerous designs at your disposal for your chat environment. There are also a few options to make things easier and to control your world better. Listed below are the options:


1. “No Props”

If you don’t want props, you can use this option and no one will be able to ring props into your room. Props are fun for a point of time but then they can get really irritating. When you select this option, users will be told that they can’t use props everytime they try. Even if someone attempts to use a prop, the attempt will be ignored.

2. “No Webcams”

Webcams – too much is too bad! They may not even be appropriate at times. Hence you can disallow the use of webcams in your room all together. You will find this option in the World Settings.


For more screenshots, click here.

3. “No Avatars”

Just like everything else, if you don’t like avatars, you don’t have to keep up with them in your room.

Sticky Messages Update

Sticky Message Update comes very handy when you are busy and are away from the keyboard. Pin a sign to your avatar so that everyone knows you are busy.


The directory gives you useful information about the number of users connected to you.

Worlize is free to play.

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