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Virtual pet sites have been around for over a decade. Ever since Neopets truly brought attention to the genre, a host of competitors and fans have sprung up. Virtual Pet List aims to serve as a meta hub for the genre, featuring news and discussion of current and upcoming virtual pet sites, a marketplace to buy and sell pet site art, coding and other matters and a community where pet site owners and players coexist. Virtual Pet List offers something for people at every level of involvement with the genre.

If you want to find a new site to play or start your own, the users at Virtual Pet List can help you with both. If you want to hear users’ positive and negative experiences with the staff at pet sites, Virtual Pet List can offer that. And if you just want to talk about unrelated subjects with people who happen to share your interest in virtual pets, Virtual Pet List can provide that as well. Virtual Pet List is the largest, most active forum based around the pet site genre. With over eight years of history, the forum has garnered knowledgeable, experienced users and built an active community.


Virtual Pet List is there for the casual player, the artist, the programmer and the serious professional. Responsive staff readily assist users and rarely need to so much as suspend a user. General gaming forums will simply never give as much depth or attention to virtual pets as a forum dedicated to them. Registration is entirely free.

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